We live on 10 acers in Woolgoolga NSW with my 3 children and with my youngest child I were struggling with her allergies and eczema since she was 7 mths old. She has been allergy tested each year and was never able to use soaps or bubble baths. Its been a struggle since infancy with eczema after being diagnosed with numerous food allergies which triggered her severe breakouts. She was hospitalized and wet wrapped with bandages at one stage to control a severe outbreak. During her first 6 years of life we tried numerous creams, steroids, medicines and methods. We found that keeping the products as natural as possible was our best line of refence when it came to fighting her eczema flares.


We first bought our small herd of Anglo Nubian goats to maintain the weeds in our horse paddocks fast forward a few years and I began to make our own soap when our dermatologist explained some of the ingredients found in the skincare supermarket isle and why they were not helping our situation. I did some of my own further research and was horrified at the ingredients list of many popular brands.


After some experimentation with soap recipes, I tried a recipe for home-made soap with our raw goat’s milk and it really was amazing. I tried the fragrance free bar on my daughter and she was so happy being able to use “her soap” without becoming itchy and red after use. She has since started helping me make her own bars of soap. She has even begin to be able to add a light fragrance to her bar. Honestly, I didn’t think it would have a huge effect on my family like it has.


Now I have developed a range of natural products hand made on our farm for people looking for something that is gentler on their skin, our range includes soaps, creams, lip balms, goat milk bath bombs.